Tea Rusk – Crispy Toasts for Tea


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25 Responses to Tea Rusk – Crispy Toasts for Tea

  1. robincrack786 says:

    hi? anuja u rocks..

  2. kitu3333 says:

    can we make? tea rusk in toaster oven???

  3. bass109 says:

    Jesus christ is? king of earth

  4. alaska7473 says:

    I gave a try and it comes out really well.Can you please post some healthy vegetarian? breakfast recipes?

  5. apple34pie says:

    Great tip for using leftover buns..they were really delicious and better than the store bought variety! :) ?

  6. apple34pie says:

    Great tip for using leftover buns..they were really delicious? and better than the store bought variety! :)

  7. goldsilver2009 says:

    many thanks for sharing your receipies,? they are very helpfull.


    Anuja I? like to listen to your soothing voice :D

  9. ShowMeTheCurry says:

    Sorry, we are not aware? of any effects of dehydrating bread.

  10. grappler321 says:

    how will drying t like this? effect the carbohydrate content ?
    Interested in putting into my hiking kit.
    thanks 4 help

  11. sarora28 says:

    I made the toast yesterday using Honey Wheat bun? and they came out very well. Thanks again.

  12. ShowMeTheCurry says:

    With only one tray, you can keep it on the middle shelf and no need to keep rotating it. Same temperature. You can use any bread that does not have? toppings (they will burn). Buns hold up better when dipped in tea or coffee.

  13. sarora28 says:

    You guys are awesome. Thanks for this receipe.

    I’m going to try it today.If I’m baking only one sheet of rusk, which shelf of oven should I bake them and at what? Temprature? Can I use regular wheat bread instead of bun?

  14. SuzanneBa says:

    I made these today and OMG crispy and crunchy and dunked in coffee YUMMIE!!! They’ve almost all gone. I used some hot dog buns that were heading for the bin because they? were getting a bit old o use for hot dogs so what a saving!!!

  15. mandyjaipur says:

    thx alot,, for posting it,, i? did not know it wud be soooooooooo easy,,u both r really stars. cheers

  16. marinamermaid says:

    To think I’ve wasted all those leftover hamburger buns! Now @ least I know what to do with the extra bread I have in the? future. Thanks for the appetizing video.

  17. farahnowais says:

    hi ladies!? thank you for this recipe.. i do the same thing for home made bread crumbs and cake rusks… :)

  18. ShowMeTheCurry says:

    Nothing beats a fireplace on? a cold day! Will surely have to try the garlic/onion spread…sounds yummy!

  19. noscenario says:

    dabba! i miss hearing my mom say that. i should call her and record her, haha. wish i saw this recipe today? before drinking my tea!

  20. theinsidiousfumanchu says:

    I’ve used a similar recipe with a soft baguette, olive oil and salt, instead of a bun, spread and sugar. Although, I have to say? I used them to dunk in vegetable broth rather than tea, or coffee. The whole seasoned toast thing is quite a fascinating area really, I remember when we used to use toasting forks to brown bread over the fireplace. We used to mix up dried garlic and onion with butter to spread on one side of the bread, so it melted while the other side toasted. Ahh, Happy, cold days.

  21. zeinia1980 says:

    can we? do that in micro wave?

  22. derubala says:

    Do you know how to? make Singapore’s the kopi bun of roti mum or kopi roti?

  23. pathu32 says:

    ooop i meant ‘cold’ medicine…
    i think everyone should? eat organic foods if they can afford to :)

  24. pathu32 says:

    I agree with you…i don’t eat margerine or any other “lab” created butter. Actually i make my butter out of Organic heavy cream…the closer any food is to it’s origin, the better. I don’t even use meds you buy at the store…i use natural meds? available at Natural and Organic stores…my col medicine works just as well as DayQuil/ Nyquil without the use of man made chemicals :)

  25. Brandyndyndyn says:

    I always knew Anuja had a nice ass. I finally have? the proof! *lol*

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